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Ethiopian handmade clothes “Eje Tebab” for The Most Hon. MAITRE ARTIST WORLD LAURET

In “The 2008 World Forum, St. Catherine College, Oxford England” MATIRE ARTIST AFEWORK TEKLE received “ETHIOPIAN ARTIST AMBASSADOR” Award. In the ceremony many invited guests were congratulating him, their reason, for reciving a prestigious award and the clothes he wore. After the ceremony MATIRE ARTIST AFEWORK TEKLE told me how well the ceremony went. He was very proud and happy because, me and my brother had delivered the hand-made clothes “Eje Tebab”, which he gave specific designs from one of his famous painting's.

the certificate i recieved from  MATIRE ARTIST AFEWORK TEKLEThe Most Hon. MAITRE ARTIST WORLD LAURET liked what we did and made a phone call to tell us. But my biggest surprise was, when I received a certificate from MATIRE ARTIST AFEWORK TEKLE. And it translates in English like this,

 “In 2008 European Calendar I wore a unique Ethiopian Hand Made Clothes “Eje Tebab” for the award ceremony held at “The 2008 World Forum, St. Catherine College, Oxford England”. You have carefully followed the designs I gave you, which express our unique Ethiopian tradition and culture. For this marvelous work, I thank you and would like to give you this certificate of recognition. “Let us respect our work and it will make us respected.”

Me and My Brother

We started out first by making “kaba” which we learned from our mother. For those who don’t know , "Kaba" is Ethiopian hand made clothes that Kings and Nobilities used to wear. Our mother learned from her relatives who used to work for Ethiopian Former Emperor Haile Selassie and other nobilities. After understanding how to make “Kaba”, we continued to develop it, in that process, it was time for me to do more, to promote our unique culture. While working, i learned fashion design in college. I have had the pleasure to work for MAITRE ARTIST WORLD LAURET AFEWORK TEKLE , Athlete Tirunesh Dibaba and her husband Athlete Sileshi Sihine, Artist Teddy Afro and his wife Amlset Muche and so many others. Now it is time for us to reach out more people, and this is why we created this website, to showcase and sell our work.


In the past Ethiopian culture. Mukash, a shiny decorative material, was only used for making "Kaba" for Kings and Nobilities. But now it is also used for making dresses, suits and other clothing’s. We have over 20 years of experience working with mukash for kaba and other clothes. Now we are trying to establish a new brand, the first of its kind, called Mukash Fashion. All of our work here is for sale, some are made using mukash.

Below on the left side Former Ethiopian Empress Menen Asfaw , and on the right side Ethiopian Former Emperor Hialesellasie and other nobilities wearing kaba.

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