About us

When AFEWORK TEKLE MATIRE ARTIST received “ETHIOPIAN ARTIST AMBASSADOR” Award at the “2008 World Forum, St. Catherine College, Oxford England”, we wouldn’t have dreamed to see such a prestigious man would be wearing our handmade clothing whilst receiving the honor. After the ceremony MATIRE ARTIST AFEWORK TEKLE told me how well the ceremony went and explained he is proud and happy because, not only was he able to represent Ethiopia on such a stage, he was wearing clothing that suited him and represented his works.

I believe that this is why Most Hon. MAITRE ARTIST WORLD LAURET liked what we did and gave us a call. To my surprise the call was accompanied by, a certificate from MATIRE ARTIST AFEWORK TEKLE. And it translates in English like this,
To Fekadu Mekonnen,
Deisgner at MUKASH TIBEB

“In 2008 (E.C) I wore unique Ethiopian Hand Made Clothes “Eje Tebab” for the award ceremony held at “The 2008 World Forum, St. Catherine College, Oxford England”. You have carefully followed the designs I gave you, which express our unique Ethiopian tradition and culture. For this marvelous work, I thank you and would like to give you this certificate of recognition. “Let us respect our work and it, in turn will give us the respect we deserve.”

When my mother( who produced clothing items for the nobility and the late Emperor Haile Selassie) thought my brother and me how to make Kabas( a royal cape, worn by noble men and women) , she instilled in us the value of handmade production. That each detail mattered, because with each small detail we say something about who we are as Ethiopians. This is the value that drives MUKASH FASHION, we believe that what we wear should reflect who we are and customize each of our products to suit your needs in line with who you are. This is what we believe attracted personalities like the Laureate, Artist Teddy Afro his wife and many others to our brand.

MUKASH is about revamping Ethiopian fashion and bring it to the modern age without it ever losing its cultural value. Our product the MUKASH “Kaba” is there because it reminds us of a time where culture and progress walked hand in hand. MUKASH operates in that spirit.

MUKASH is a shiny decorative material that was solely used for making "Kaba" for Kings/Queens and Nobilities. It is a symbol of royalty and nobility, but nowadays it is also used for making dresses, suits and other clothing’s.
Our family has over 20 years of experience in working with mukash for kaba and other clothing articles. Mukash is the first brand of its kind to provide a truly personalized experience for costumers, we make clothes for you with you in mind.

Below is the Certificate Most Hon. MAITRE ARTIST WORLD LAURET AFEWORK TEKLE gave us


Mukash Fashion Certificate Award from Most Hon. MAITRE ARTIST WORLD LAURET AFEWORK TEKLE